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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 7

Quantitative analysis of ten (10) different brands of chllorpheniramine tablet marketed in maiduguri metropolitan council (MMC)


The experiment involves quality analysis of ten (10 ) samples of chlorpheniramine tablets using ultra v iolet spectrophotometer in the range of (200 – 400nm) in which the samples were dissolved in NaOH and their various absorbance and wavelength determined and compared w ith that of the standard, wavelength of the maximum absorbance at 223nm was determined so as to note if it was within the acceptable range of (90 – 110%) for those that passed the test or if it was below or above th e range for samples that are substandard or highly concentrated. The amount of chlorpheniramine base in each sample was determined and compared with the actual content (4mg). It was observed that only seven (7) samples Banbiz, Bond, Dana, Emzor, Evans, Juhel and vitabiotics, m et the british pharmaceutical codex range of 90 – 110% whi le the other three (3) samples Nasdmu, New devine a nd Sam, failed the test with values below the acceptable ra nge

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