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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 1

Production of chitin from two marine stomatopods Oratosquilla spp. (Crustacea)


Many multinational pharmaceutical companies are producing chitin products in a commercial scale. The crustacean (crab and shrimp) shell wastes are also utilized for this production. Only limited works are available about the crustacean stomatopods pertaining to the chitin extraction. Due to the lacunae in this field the present study had been carried out to extract chitin from the marine stomatopods Orotosquilla quinquedentata and O.nepa. The yield of chitin was more in Oratosquilla nepa where 20g of the shell yielded 2.145g of chitin with percentage contribution of 10.725%. The FT-IR spectrum of chitin was also confirming the presence of chitin in the shell of stomatopods. The results of the present investigation paves way and provides concrete information for the utilization of chitin in the development of drugs, artificial bone and raw material for the food industries in the near future.

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