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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Principal component factor analysis-based NBA player comprehensive ability evaluation research


A basketball player’s ability not only is directly related to how many scores he get in the field, but also has correlation whether he can help team to win, number of shooting release in the field, number of fault, number of rebound and number of foul .In order to discuss player ability evaluation model, the paper mainly applies multiple analysis’s principal component analysis and factor analysis, with the help of SPSS software to analyze data, starts from measuring players’ technical level’s score, assist, field-goal percentage and others total 10 indicators, and gets each indicator and common factor expression. Use factor analysis to make evaluation analysis on season 2011 to 2012 eight NBA teams’ active service players’ comprehensive abilities, gets players’ abilities comprehensive indicator model, calculates every player comprehensive score. Make quadratic nonlinear regression on players’ obtained salary and personal ability, use MATLAB software to fit the two functional relationships. Make comparative analysis of calculated due value and actual obtained value, get estimated values errors, and then put forward relative reasonable explanation.

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