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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 5

Primary processing technology on gluten soy sauce with low-salt and solid-state fermentation


Traditional low-salt solid-state fermentation soy sauce was based on soybean meal and wheat bran as raw material, after stewing, making Koji, then mixing with brine and fermenting again, that made soy sauce . This article was focusing on production techniques of gluten soy sauce made from gluten, wheat flour and bran. The strain As3.951 (Aspergillus oryzae), QuJing of HETIANKUAN and QuJing of DINGXIN were used to make Koji. After testing the activity of different Koji in different fermentation time, the neutral protease activity and the number of spores were highest in culture made from DINGXIN QuJing. Though the neutral protease activity was down when gluten took place of soybean meal as main nitrogen source, it was still available in production. Also through the four factors’ Orthogonal experiment of gluten, wheat flour, bran and water, the best proportion about them was 3:4:3:6, and the most effective factor was gluten, the water was next to gluten. Finally, tests showed that amino nitrogen content and the generation rate of amino nitrogen were highest when the pH was 7, the concentration of brine solution was 12% and the Solid-liquid ratio was 1:0.6 during fermentation.