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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 5

Prevention of cadmium bioaccumulation by herbal adaptogen: Spirulina platensis


To evaluate the effect of herbal adaptogen such as Spirulina platensis on cadmium intoxicated rats and its accumulation in blood, liver and kidney. The study consisted of four groups in all with eight animals in each group. Control animals received physiological saline orally for 30 days. Second group animals received CdCl2 (2mg/kg in 0.9% NaCl s.c.) whereas, third group animals were administered Spirulina platensis extract alone (1000mg/5ml/kg, orally). Fourth group animals were treated with Spirulina extract for a week and thereafter Spirulina and cadmium chloride was administered concomitantly for another 15 days. Body weight gain, hepatic (aspartate amino phosphatase, AST and alanine aminotransferase, ALT) and renal (creatinine, CRE and urea, URE) function marker and concentration of cadmium in liver and kidney were investigated. Pre and post treatment of Spirulina platensis orally significantly improved the body weight gain and restored liver and kidney function marker to normal levels as compared to Cd exposed rats. Administration of herbal adaptogen at the rate of 1gm significantly prevented the bioaccumulation of cadmium and reversed the Cd induced toxicity in Wistar rats.