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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 2

Prevalence of CTX-M beta-lactamase of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Al-Diwaniya City


Atotal of360 clinical isolates were routinely collected. isolates were classified according to source of collection to threesets(169 swab ear ,102 swab burns, and 89 sample urine), results of cultural and biochemical tests showed that 50 isolate belong to Pseudomonas aeruginosa, all study showed isolates contain the gene 16s-ribosomal RNA which represents the gene diagnostic designed,In the present study results indicate to ability these isolates to produce the broad- spectrum blaCTX-Mβ- lactames enzymes groups by detecting the presence of blaCTX-M-1,CTX-M-2, CTX-M-15, CTX-M-43 enzymes among those isolates by the (polymerase chain reaction)seriesthe results show the proportion to presence of geneblaCTX-M-2 that was Highest rate, amounting to 54.16% in the 13 isolation followed by the gene blaCTX-M-43as it was his presence a 33.3% rate in the eight isolates of either gene of blaCTX -M-1as Seen by 20.83% in the five isolates of the present study indicated that isolates all of which did not give the result of amplification to blaCTX-M-15Which recorded rate 0%. the nucleotide sequence for nucleic acid DNA in this study was detected by using the DNA Sequencing to isolates that appeared resistance to antibiotics ofβ-lactam groups.