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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 2

Prevalence ?Ž?²-Lactamase Broad-Spectrum Type TEM between Isolates of Proteus Mirabilis in AL-Diwaniya City [Article Retracted]


The samples of the study were collected from different clinical sources 185 isolates of hospitals, the Diwaniyah city during the period from October 2015 to April and divided the samples, according to sources collected into five groups (46 swab ear, 42 swab burns, 37 a stool sample, 59 urine sample and 1 blood sample), as results showed that cultural and biochemical tests 69 isolated belong to bacteria Proteus mirabilis, diagnosis was confirmed by api 20E and the use of polymerase chain reaction.In the study showed that there are (60.86%) isolates were resistant these isolates vowed multi-resistant of antibiotics (multidrug resistance) the highest proportion among the three types of resistance, and the isolates of the overall resistance (extensive drug resistance) ratio of resistance (34.78 %) , while the third type of resistance the resistance ratio was increased by two (4.34 %) and represents the resistance of each species of antibiotics in the current study (pand drug resistance) . Tested 24 isolates P.mirabilis to examine the capability of production of enzymes β- lactam TEM type using PCR, was blaTEM -177 the most frequently identified gene among isolates of P.mirabilis percentage (87.5%), while the blaTEM -160 (59.38%), and blaTEM -72 (56.25%), blaTEM -1( 56.25%), blaTEM -156 (53.13%), blaTEM -89 (31.25%), while blaTEM -3 counted the lowest percentage among the studied genes in P.mirabilis ratio (6.25%). Analyzed Phylogenetic tree genetic tree analysis blaTEM by Mega6 program, were used genetic tree analysis of the type UPGMAtree Test yields 14 sample of isolates P.mirabilis. compared 2 isolates of P.mirabilis multi-resistant of antibiotics and producing resistance gene type TEM β-lactamase to analyze the genetic tree. The results of the analysis, there is a clear Identify of isolates of P.mirabilis blaTEM local isolates with worldwide origin P.mirabilis compared with the rest of the other species that appear in the genetic tree analysis.