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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 7

Preparation and evaluation of Levodropropizine suppositories


The objective of this work was to prepare and evaluate the effects of various of hydrophilic (polyethylene glycol and poloxamer) and hydrophobic (Witepsol H15 and Novata BCF) bases on in-vitro dissolution profiles and release characteristics of Levodropropizine from suppositories, in order to get immediate-release formula. Suppositories containing 60 mg of Levodropropizine along were prepared using the fusion method technique. All suppositories were evaluated for physical characteristics, in-vitro drug release, kinetic models and mechanisms. Drug dissolution profiles were different from those bases which were attributed to natural and characteristics of base that was used. The effect of incorporating different concentrations of non-ionic surfactants (Tween 80) on the release rate of the drug from Witepsol H15 and Novata BCF, was investigated. Results showed an enhanced release at low surfactant concentrations. A very fast 100% drug release was achieved when the drug was incorporated as an aqueous solution in Witepsol H15. Poloxamers have mucoadhesive properties hence they adhere to rectal mucosa, and are characterized by low toxicity and good compatibility with other substances, they also provide good drug release characteristics by producing solid dispersions with drug which enhances the solubility and dissolution rate of Levodropropizine. The formula of poloxamer188/propylene glycol, PG,(70/30) gave the best results in physicochemical tests which released the drug completely in the first 10 minutes of dissolution test .