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Original Articles: 2018 Vol: 10 Issue: 7

Preliminary Phytochemical Investigations and Immunomodulatory Screening of Methanolic Extract of Tecoma Stans Leaves


Traditional plants are used to treat several ailments. They are rich source of variety of phytoconstituents. In the present investigation, Tecoma stans leaves were extracted with methanol and screened for active group of chemical constituents using primary phytochemical tests. The extract showed positive results for alkaloids. The literature survey revealed that there is no detailed study of chemical constituents using analytical methods such as HPLC, I.R., and LC-MS. So, the present work is aimed to study the detailed chemistry of active principles present in the methanolic crude extract of leaves of T. stans. From LC-MS and HPLC data and previously published reports, it can be assumed that the extract possess Monoterpene alkaloids, which are responsible for immunomodulatory properties