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Original Articles: 2020 Vol: 12 Issue: 1

Phytochemical Screening and Nutritional Compositions of Onion Bulbs and Tomato Fruits Grown around Arba Minch City, Ethiopia


Though food stuffs considered in this study are important components of human diet, heavy metal contamination in them shouldn’t be underestimated for they may pose a risk to human health. Therefore, this study focused on the determination of concentration level of common metals, heavy metals using flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, and some nutritional values of onion and tomato samples that were grown in Shelle farm land around Arba Minch City, Ethiopia. As it was observed in the obtained results, the topography of the sampling sites was one of factors affecting the distribution of the metal contents of the samples. The levels of heavy metals were regularly increases in onion samples as it goes from Shelle toward the lake side (Hayk) and irregularities were observed for tomato samples. The obtained results compliment with the acceptable range of WHO guideline.

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