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Original Articles: 2010 Vol: 2 Issue: 6

Phytochemical evaluation and quantification of primary metabolites of Maytenus emarginata(Willd.) Ding Hou


Medicinal plants are the most exclusive source of l ife saving drugs for the majority of the worlds population. Medicinal plants are of great interest to the resea rchers in the field of biotechnology as most of the drug industries depend, in part, on pla nts for the production of pharmaceutical compounds. Laboratory evaluations were made to assess the phytochemical screening and quantification of primary metabolites in Maytenus emarginata (Willd.). The highest amoun t of soluble sugar (45.8±1.04mg/gdw), protein (30.88±0.5 mg/gdw) and lipid (95.4±0.88mg/gdw) was observed in fruits, starch (82.8±0.77mg/gdw) and ph enol (9.26±0.29mg/gdw) was observed in roots, amino acid (13.12 ±0.74mg/gdw) and ascorbic acid (13.88±0.3mg/gdw) was observed in leaves as compared to other parts of the plant. Max imum extractive value (4.230%) was found in water extract among test solvents.