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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 5

Pharmacognostical and Preliminary Investigation of Active Compounds of Iraqi Oleaster (Elaeagnus angustifolia L) by Using Different Solvents


Objective: This study was conducted to investigation of Pharmacognostical properties with evaluation the effect of different types of solvents on leaves extraction of Elaeagnus angustifolia L. Method: Leaves samples were collected from middle region of Iraq (AL-dewaniyah), all samples were washed, separated and dried under shade condition. Pharmacognostical study was included macroscopical and microscopical examination; while phytochemical study was included using different solvents were ethanol 70%, methanol 70%, chloroform, ethyl acetate and diethyl ether. Results: The results of this study were referred to anomocytic type of stomata at upper and lower surface of plant leaves. Star shape of trichomes with fibers were presented at upper surface also by microscopical examining the calcium oxalate with starch were presented. Leaf microscopical exam results was referred to 90% and 54.5% as stomata index at upper and lower surface respectively. The extraction results were referred to different active compounds detection according different solvents were ethanol 70% and methanol 70% extract were contained saponin, tannin, flavonoids, coumarin and cardio active glycosides, while chloroform, diethyl ether and ethyl acetate extracts were contained only coumarin and cardio active glycosides. Conclusion: From results of this study the conclusion was referred to have this plant different morphological parameters were gave this plant more possibility of adaptation to grown under semi-arid environmental conditions such as anomocytic stomata ant star shape of trichomes and high stomatal index at lower surface. The different organic solvents were depending on polarity of these solvents and active compounds.