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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 3

Oxidation of cyclanols by 1-chloro benzimidazole in aqueous acetic acid medium: A kinetic approach


Kinetic investigation on oxidation of some Cyclanols (Cyclopropanol, Cyclobutanol, Cyclopentanol, Cyclohexanol and Cycloheptanol) by 1- chlorobenzimidazole (CBI) has been studied in 80% acetic acid - water (v/v) medium. The reaction exhibits first order rate dependence each with respect to [CBI], [Cyclanols] and [H+]. The increase in dielectric constant of the medium increases the rate of the reaction. The variation of ionic strength has no significant effect on the reaction rate. The reaction does not induce any polymerization of acylonitrile. The addition of benzimidazole has no appreciable effect on the reaction rate. Thermodynamic parameters have been evaluated from Eyring plots by studying the reaction at different temperatures. A most probable mechanism and an appropriate rate law have been deduced for the observed kinetic data.