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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 5

Oxidation of chemical compounds: Kinetics and mechanistic approach


Chemical kinetics is a branch of chemistry which deals with rate of reaction. A detail study of chemical kinetic along with other nonkinetic study will enable us to understand thoroughly mechanism of reactions. There are some reactions which takes place very fast, within fraction of second (upto femto second level). Some reactions are extremely slow for example rusting of iron. In between these two extreme ends, there are reactions which take reasonable time for completion. These reactions can be studied conveniently with suitable methods. There are several researchers who contributed in the field of chemical kinetics. Ludwig Ferdinand Wilhelmy, Wilhelm Ostwald, C F Wenzel, Louis Jacques Thenard, Pierre Eugene Marcelin Berthelot, Leon Pean de Saint-Gilles, Peter Waage and Harcourt etc. had made pioneering work in the field of chemical kinetics