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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 5

Ore-controlling structure of gold deposit in southeast Guizhou


Southeast Guizhou is located at the southwestern part of Jiangnan orogenic belt, between the southeast edge of Yangtze Platformand Nanhua Platform, yielding quartz vein- type, altered rock- type, shear zone- type etc. gold deposits. Ore deposits (occurrences) distribute densely with good mineralization condition, andhave great prospecting potential. On the basis of previous studies, ore- controlling structure of gold deposit in southeast Guzihou has been analysed here, the result indicate that the ore- controlling structures include fault, fold, circular and shear structure, almost all the gold deposits (ore occurrences) are related to fault and fold structures, circular structure and shear zone also have close relationship with the formation of gold deposits in southeast Guizhou. The formation of gold deposits is mostly the result of superposition of multiperiodic mineralization. Research on the superposition of multiperiodic and polytype ore-controlling structures is the key to reveal the gold deposit formation in southeast Guizhou.