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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 6

Optimal and Coag-flocculation kinetics Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Industry Effluent using Organic and Inorganic Coagulants


This work investigates the treatment of pharmaceutical effluent system using organic and inorganic coagulants at optimal conditions. To minimize total dissolved and suspended solids, experiments were carried out using standard Jar test method to determine the effects and responses of the operating conditions (medium pH, coagulant dosage, settling time) on the treatment efficiency. The results indicates that the optimum conditions are 10,13, 0.1g/l and 40 minutes for coagulating medium pH, coagulant dosage and settling time for alum and Mucuna prurien seed coagulant respectively. At optimum, the TDSS were reduced from: 920.00 mg/l to 861.12 mg/l representing 93.26% alum and 2200.00mg/l to 2040.50mg/l representing 92.75% Mucuna prurien seed coagulant. In general terms, Mucuna prurien has proved to be better alternative to alum over wide range of coagulant dosages.