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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 6

On-field soil properties for soya bean crop


A field experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of soil properties on soya bean crop. The study has been carried out to determine the effect of soil physical- chemical properties on soya bean crop in the low precipitation area. The soil water content, resistivity, conductivity, PH and total dissolved solids were measured on the experimental field. The texture, gravimetric water content, volumetric water content, soil melting capacity, bulk density, porosity, water holding capacity and chemical compositions of the soil’s from the same fields were determined in laboratory. The profile probe (PR2) soil moisture measurement system was used to determine the soil water content and a two probe resistance meter was used to measure soil resistivity. The texture analysis of the soil samples was accomplished with mechanical sieves. The results show that the soil water content and resistivity required for the soya bean crop to grow and give good yield should be in the range of 26 to 43 percent cm3cm-3 and 177 to 340 K- Ohm-cm respectively. The PH should be neutral to slightly basic and conductivity should be non saline. The results also show that soya bean crop will grow in clayey as well as sandy loam soils.