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Reviews: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 7

Nose to Brain Drug Delivery: New Perspectives for Old Problems-An Enlightening Review


Intranasal route of administration is one of the best routes for delivery of drug to brain. For the delivery of drugs from nose to brain, the low dose is required. This route of administration avoids first pass effect, onset of action is rapid, bioavailability is more and it has no degradation in GIT or toxicity in lungs and it does not cause pain. The capability of the drugs to target through the BBB and possibility of nasal delivery of drug is higher. In the recent years the intranasal route is considered as the superior delivery route for many drugs because of following factors like high permeability, high vascularity, low enzymatic activity, manageable surface area and it avoid first pass metabolism of lungs. Drug delivery systems, such as liposomes, microspheres, microemulsion, nanoemulsion and hydrogels have been shown that it has good bioadhesive to biological system and are briefly discussed in present review. An enormous range of neurotherapeutics, both macromolecules and low molecular weight drugs, can be delivered to the central nervous system (CNS) via this route.

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