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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 3

Monitoring and analysis of water quality of seven sample stations in Chandrapur(M.S)


Water is one of the most abundantly available resources in nature. It is an essential constituent to all living beings. It occupies nearly 75% of matter of earth’s crust. But due to industrialization and urbanization natural water resources are lessening or declining to a great extent. A call for conservation and probable option for water resources is on peak. Limited1 natural rainfallrecharge and increased water usage throughout the country calls for conservation as well as augmentation .Physico-chemical monitoring of ground water samples of various reservoirs in Chandrapur town, was carried out. Water samples for above study were collected from 7 stations enlisting tube well, coal mine reservoir and rivers. Various parameters were analyzed by using standard methods (APHA) and their comparison with WHO standard values, suggested that most of the parameters were within permissible limit and by water treatment the concentration of parameters beyond the limits in coalmine could be reduced and could be an invaluable source for domestic purposes in the region. The present paper accounts water quality of various sites situated in Chandrapur and their efficiencies respectively.