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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 10

Molecular docking studies between two palladium complexes cis-[(1S, 2S)-(-)-N1, N2-bis(1-phenylethyl)-1,2-propanodiimine]PdCl2and cis-{(1S, 2S)-(-)-N1, N2-bis[1-(4-metilphenyl)ethyl]-1,2-propanodiimine}PdCl2) and DNA for elucidated its possible action mechanism


Cis-diaminedichloroplatinum (II), [cis-(NH 3 ) 2 PtCl 2 ], is one of the most successful anticancer compoun ds. In recent years the search for new drugs with antineoplastic activity has led to synthesis of palladium complexe s, because of its analogy with Platinum (II). The aim in this stu dy was to show the interaction between DNA and pall adium complexes using docking studies, to elucidate the p ossible action mechanism of cis-[(1S, 2S)-(-)-N 1 , N 2 -bis(1- phenylethyl)-1,2-propanodiimine]PdCl 2 and cis-{(1S, 2S)-(-)-N1, N 2 -bis[1-(4-metilphenyl)ethyl]-1,2- propano - diimine}PdCl 2 ). Our results suggest a possible interaction of pa lladium complex and the DNA, forming a covalent bond manner similar to cisplatin.