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Original Articles: 2013 Vol: 5 Issue: 2

Medicinal value and ecotaxonomy of the flora of Blue Nile State-Sudan


The general objective of this study is to update the taxonomic identification, calculate ecological statistics and evaluate the medicinal values of the woody plant species (trees, shrubs & woody climbers) in El Nour Natural Forest Reserve, Blue Nile, which has high natural plant diversity, used as seed source and representative of the State. The study revealed 55 woody plant species that belong to 36 genera and 18 families (17 dicotyledonous and one monocotyledonous). Their vernacular names were presented .These plants were found to be of high medicinal uses in this area of study. Among the major findings, the subfamiy Mimosoideae used to treat stomach &rheumatic pains,colds, hypertension& scorpion bites; the family Combretaceae used as purgative, treat jaundice and wounds and the Capparaceae used to treat tuberculosis,bilharzias and opthalima. . The family Ochnaceae has been reported for the first time in the area and is represented by Ochna afzelii R.Brenan. ex Oliver (local name Lesan El Kalb). The updated families and subfamilies were: Capparaceae instead of Capparidaceae and Fabaceae instead of Leguminosae. At the subfamily level, Mimosoideae, Caesalpinioideae and Papilionoideae were used instead of Mimosaceae, Caesalpinaceae and Papilionaceae, respectively. The subfamily Mimosoideae showed the highest species and genera frequency. The identified families were alphabetically listed and the species grouped according to their habit into 19 species as large trees, 19 small trees, 15 shrubs and 2 woody climbers. Also, the study reported 12 species as endangered ones.

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