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Original Articles: 2010 Vol: 2 Issue: 6

Kinetics, equilibria studies and antimicrobial activity of Iodomethyl (ligand) Cobaloximes and their role as DNA binding and Photocleavage agents


A series of Iodomethyl complexes with various N-don or ligands were synthesized & characterized by UV/VIS, IR, MS, 1 H & 13 C -NMR spectral methods. Pseudo first order reactio n kinetics and binding studies of [ICH 2 Co(DH) 2 OH 2 ] complex with aliphatic primary amines, aromatic and heteroaromatic amines such as Methylamine, Ethylami ne, Propylamine, Aniline, Benzyl amine, Phenylalanine, Pyridine, and Amino pyridine were i nvestigated. Comparison of equilibrium constants and rate constants indicates that the ord er is K PA >K EA >K MA ; K APy >K Py ; K BA >K aniline ; the rate of substitution of H 2 O varies with the pKa of the incoming ligand establ ishing the existence of nucleophilic participation of the liga nd in the transition state. The DNA binding properties of [ICH 2 Co(DH) 2 OH 2 ] complex was investigated by absorption, emission & viscosity measurements. Photo activated cleavage of pBR-322 D NA by this complex was also studied. Further, all these cimplexes were screened for thei r antimicrobial activity.