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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 7

Kinetic study on Induced Electron Transfer Reaction in Pentaamminecobalt(III) complexes of ?Ž?±-hydroxy acids by Permonosulphuric acid in micellar medium


Permonosulphuric acid Oxidation of Pentaamminecoba lt(III) complexes of α -hydroxy acids at 60±0.2 ° C in micellar medium has been attempted. In this reaction the rat e of oxidation shows first order kinetics each in [ Cobalt(III)] and [PMS]. Permonosulphuric acid induced electron trans fer in [(NH 3 ) 5 Co(III)-L] 2+ complexes of α -hydroxy acids readily yields 100% of Cobalt(II) with nearly 100% of C-C bond cleavage products suggesting that it be haves mainly as one equivalent oxidant in micellar medium , with unbond ligand also it behaves only as C-C cl eavage agent rather than C-H cleavage agent, with increasi ng micellar concentration an increase in the rate i s observed.