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Original Articles: 2010 Vol: 2 Issue: 6

Isolation and evaluation of mucilage of Artocarpus heterophyllus as a tablet binder


Artocarpus heterophyllus found wild in the forest r egion, fruit are multiple seeded containing mucilage. To Isolate mucilage pulp is removed and t he macerated with water then filter. Acetone precipitation method is used to isolate mucilage fr om filtrate and dried in vacuum dryer at 40 o C. The physicochemical characteristic of mucilage has performed such as swelling index, solubility, loss on drying. This study was carried out to compa re the binding effects of isolated mucilage with starch. Granule properties such as angle of re pose, moisture content, bulk and tapped densities, Hausner’s ratio, Carr’s index and tablet properties which included weight uniformity, friability, disintegration times, and dissolution r ates using standard methods. Mucilage of varying concentrations of 4, 6 and 8%w/w were used to produce paracetamol granules by wet granulation method and compressed into tablets at a rbitrary pressure load unit of 6 tons. An increase in binder concentration led to decrease in friability and increase in disintegration time of the tablets. The results indicate that mucilage obtained from Artocarpus heterophyllus fruit possesses comparable binding properties.