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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 6

Investigation of Therapeutics Benefits of Dioscorea bulbifera in Breast Cancer


Aim: To investigate the therapeutics benefits of Dioscorea bulbifera in breast cancer. Materials and Methods: Extract of Dioscorea bulbifera prepared by using Soxhlet extraction method. The various experimental models were performed as, In silico Docking Study and Pass Online study, In vivoNMU induce breast cancer in female wistar rats for 30 days, In vitro MDA-MB 231 breast cancer cell line study and hemolytic activity. All studies were compared with standard drug Tamoxifen. Results: Molecular docking studies showed higher binding affinity and more number of interactions of Diosbulbin B with respective receptors as compared with the standard like Doxorubicin, Fluvistrant, Mefepristone, Onapristone. In vitro NMU induced cancer model revealed that the estrogen and progesterone levels decreases in blood serum in test group as compared to disease control group and standard group after 30 days of study. In vitro MDAMB 231 cell treated with Dioscoreabulbifera (10, 50, 100, 200, 500 mg/ml) showed significant decreased in cell count and cell viability, which indicates cytotoxic effect of hydro alcoholic extract of Dioscorea bulbifera. Conclusions: From the findings of the performed models we can conclude that hydroalcoholic extract of Dioscorea bulbifera shows anti-cancer activity which can work by aromatase inhibiting activity as it reduce estrange and progesterone levels and might be useful as a better and safer herbal alternate of breast cancer.

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