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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 7

Investigating the characteristic of assertiveness and passivity in parents of addicted and non-addicted adolescent


This study aims to investigate the characteristic of assertiveness and passivity of parents of addicted and nonaddicted adolescents. The statistical population of the study consists of parents of addicted and non-addicted adolescents living in Tehran. Sampling method was convenience sampling. The sample size was 15 people in each group. To collect data, the qualitative (interview) method was used, so that, to evaluate the characteristic of assertiveness and passivity, considering the study literature review on the one hand, and Iranian religion and culture and on the other hand, some questions were designed on the concept of assertiveness and passivity and given to five experts in this field to declare their expert opinions through which its face and content validity to be examined. Data analysis method was also performed in a way that the data of describing couples interactions was analyzed to identify the characteristics of assertiveness and passivity using a grounded theory. The qualitative data from interviews analysis was released during the three stage of open, axial and selective coding. The results showed that, in the sample under study, most parents of non-addicted adolescents were assertive and passive against the parents of addicted adolescents.