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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 1

Interacting Blends of Acrylated Epoxy resin based Poly(Ester-Amide)s and Vinyl Ester Resin


Epoxy resin based Unsaturated poly(ester-amide) resins (UPEAs) were prepared by reported method[1]. These UPEAs were then treated with acrylotl chloride to afford acrylated UPEAs resin (i.e. AUPEAs). Interacting blends of equal proportional AUPEAs and vinyl ester epoxy (VE) resin were prepared. APEAs and AUPEAs were characterized by elemental analysis, molecular weight determined by vapour pressure osmometer and by IR spectral study and by thermogravimetry. The curing of interacting blends was monitored on differential scanning calorimeter (DSC). Based on DSC data in situ glass reinforced composites of the resultant blends have been prepared and characterized for mechanical, electrical and chemical properties. Unreinforced blends were characterized by thermogravimetry (TGA).

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