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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 6

Increasing the effectiveness of pesticides based urea nanofertilizerencapsulatednanosilica with addition of rice husk TiO2 additive substances


Increasing effectiveness of the encapsulated urea pesticide nanofertilizer based nanosilica from rice husk with the addition of additives TiO2 had been achieved. The analysis showed that SiO2 content in rice husk ash amounted to 82.12%, while 17.88% is the amount of oxide compounds other than major elements K, Ca, Al, P, Cl, Fe and Mn uptake S. Characteristics Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR) pure silica of rice husk ash showed absorption widened at 3418.01 cm-1 and 1634.74 cm-1 which the stretching vibration and bending vibration-OH of silanol (SiOH) are hydrophilic. The dominant absorption peaks showing the presence of siloxane groups (Si-O-Si) contained in the catchment area 1110.08 cm-1, 796.64 cm-1, and 465.83 cm-1. Modification of the structure of the silica produced nanosilica done through the sol gel reaction involving acid-base reaction. An average pore size of rice husk ash obtained 5.996 nm, whereas the average pore size nanosilica 7.752 nm. Nanosilica surface area increased to 25.591 m2 / g compared with the prior modified only amounted to 1.780 m2 / g. Results of analysis using FTIR, nanosilica encapsulated urea had formed, it could be confirmed from the dominant absorption peaks indicating siloxane groups (Si-O-Si) are at 1121.65 cm-1, 784.10 cm-1 and 461,01cm-1. While at 1158.30 cm-1 is the uptake for CN. In the measurement% urea-nanosilica release, the release without silica urea has almost reached 100% in the early minutes, 15 minutes..