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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 3

In vitro antioxidant properties of Scopoletin


Scopoletin is a coumarin and a major component of Aegle Marmelos. In the present study, we determined the antioxidant activity of Scopoletin by employing various in vitro antioxidant assay such as 1, 1-diphenyl-2-picrul-hydrazil free radical (DPPH•) scavenging, Hydrogen peroxide scavenging, superoxide radical scavenging, Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity and ferrous ion chelating activity by using α-Tocopherol as a reference antioxidant at 45 μg/ml concentration level. All data obtained were of significant at concentration level 45 μg/ml, Scopoletin showed 63.79%, 70.21%, 68.98%, 39.97% and 38.61% respectively free radical scavenging activity. On the other hand reference α-Tocopherol showed 84.54, 92.51, 74.98, 49.76 and 32.17% respectively. Scopoletin may play an important role in regulating free radical generated via various body metabolic activities such as mitochondrial transport of long chain free fatty acids and cytochrome-p450 transport chain. These data suggest that Scopoletin has the propensity to modulate endogenous oxidative stress and may be effective nutraceutical to abrogate oxidative stress in the body.

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