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Original Articles: 2019 Vol: 11 Issue: 1

Impact of the Libyan Conflict on Quality of Medicines Available in the Local Market


Libyan health authorities have no longer effectively controlled their strategy since the beginning of the Libyan armed uprising in 2011. This lack of planning has led to the illegal trafficking of counterfeit medicines, food, etc., into the country without being subjected to the authority control. This work aims to study the effect of the Libyan post-conflict on the quality of medicines marketed in Libya. Two commonly used medicines for the management of hypertension were picked up from the Libyan market, and studied to assess their quality attributes. Various brands of atenolol, a β-blocker, and furosemide, a diuretic, were studied for their physical and chemical properties according to British Pharmacopoeia 2015. The results of this study showed that all the tested products from the Libyan market were conformed to standards. This indicates that the Libyan pharmaceutical market for drugs imported through authorized distributors has not been affected by the instability conditions in Libya since the conflict being started.

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