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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Hyaluronic acid production of Streptococcus zooepidermicus in fish gill washing water


Hyaluronic acid or hyaludronan (HA) was applied in pharmaceutical field. This study was conducted to produce HA by Streptococcus zooepidermicus ATCC 43079 in fish gill washing watered medium. Streptococcus zooepidermicus ATCC 43079 was cultured in fish gill washing water medium and LB medium in 72 h, 96 h and 120 h. HA evaluation in these media was performed based on uronic acid, one monomer of HA by colorimetric method. Molecular weight determination of HA in media was done by using gel permeable chromatography. In the fish gill washing water medium and LB, the maximum of molecular weight was 50.000 Da and 20.000 Da, respectively. The highest HA yield was produced in both media at 120 h. The ratios of HA yield in the fish gill washing water medium and LB are 9.5:15.2. The study showed that fish gill washing water medium could be used to produce HA.

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