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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 8

Gas Chromatographic Characterization of Aqueous Saponin Extract of Heinsia crinata Leaves


Aim: The quantitation and separation of bioactive phytochemicals by chromatographic methods is one of the procedures for drug testing and formulation. Materials and Methods: The aqueous saponin extract of Heinsia crinata was derivatized and used to screen for the presence and identification of bioactive fractions present in the aqueous medium with the view to ascertaining its antidiabetic property. Result: The chromatogram revealed the presence of eighteen types of the saponin fractions in the extract. The quantitative data shows that Sapogenin (93.60018 mg/100 g) was the highest, followed by Saponine (28.64542 mg/100 g), Neochlorogenin (11.72150 mg/100 g), Diosgenin (9.85961 mg/100 g) and the least been saponoside A (1.20487 mg/100 g) amount of the extract. Conclusion: The fractions with the high values are known to possess antidiabetic properties. This finding therefore supports the use of Saponin extract of Heinsia crinata in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and is a potential source for the development of such hypoglycaemic agents.

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