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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 6

Formulation and evaluation of ciprofloxacin dental films for periodontitis


Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride, fluoroquinone antibiotic that could be used in the treatment of periodontitis for localized therapy. The ciprofloxacin film was formulated using biodegradable polymer, gelatin and sodium alginate with poly ethylene glycol (PEG) 400. The film was evaluated for physicochemical properties such as weight uniformity, thickness, content uniformity, percentage moisture loss, surface pH and IR. The result of weight uniformity, content uniformity and surface pH was uniform for all the formulations. The thickness and percentage moisture loss was different for the formulation from batch to batch. From the result of IR, there was no interaction between the drug and polymer. Optimized formulation F2 gelatin and sodium alginate1:1 ratio was found to release 98.97% of drug at the end of 6th hour and considered as a best formulation. The release mechanism for invitro release was studied by using various mathematical models. The ‘n’ value for the koresmeyer-peppas equation was in the range of 0.87-0.98 indicating the anamolous behaviour (non-fickian release). Invitro antibacterial activity was carried out in Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacter aerogen had an inhibitory effect after 24hours of incubation. The stability studies were carried out at 25±2ºC/60±5% RH and 40±2 ºC/75±5% RH which does not shows any significant change after 3 month.

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