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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 3

Extraction, Isolation and Identification of Sugars from Banana peels (Musa Sapientum) by HPLC coupled LC/MS instrument and TLC analysis


The production of various sugars evaluated from the non edible (peel) portion of banana fruit has considerable promise in the future to achieve economical profit. Selected samples were dried, powdered and sequentially extracted with double distilled water, 80% ethanol with replicates and finally with the mixture of Methanol - Dichloromethane - Water ( MDW) (0.3:4:1v/v/v). MeOH-H2O phase was assayed for sugar analysis. The concentrated compound was UV inactive and thus the compound is subjected to HPLC coupled ELSD gave a merged single ionised peak at Rt = 0.646. These crude mixtures are subjected to preparative HPLC coupled LC/MS which gives four compounds whose retention time were found to be 0.662, 0.676, 0.652, 0.684 and with corresponding mass fragments. The various standard sugars were spotted using the solvent system n-butanol - acetone - diethylamine - water (10:10:2:6 v/v/v/v) in the cellulose layer for TLC analysis which indicated the presence of glucose, fructose, sucrose and maltose.

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