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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 1

Experimental study of solubility of urinary stones in juice of Chikku (Achras zapota) fruit


Urinary stone disease is global problem and is due to alteration in the normal crystallization environment of urine in the urinary tract systems. Major factors responsible for crystal formation are super-saturation of Ca2+ salts and level of crystallization inhibitors (Citrate & Phytate). Excessive citrate intake makes the urine more alkaline (pH between 6 and 7). This can be achieved by oral administration of alkalizer, citrus fruits and its juices. The hardness of urinary stones varies from stone to stone, depending on size and their chemical compositions. The solubility of urinary stones of different forms (whole and powder) in Natural-fresh juice and in Acid-hydrolyzed juice of Chikku (Achras zapota) fruit has been investigated and evaluated. The end result revealed that percentage solubility of powdered stones in Acid-hydrolyzed juice are 5.33%, 9.46% & 9.88% in 24 hrs, 48hrs and 72 hrs respectively which are not only significantly more than whole stone but also more than percentage solubility in natural fresh juice. Dissolution rate of powder form of stone are more in 1st and 2nd 24hr i.e. acid-hydrolyzation augment litholytic activity mainly in initial phase. This short term study would be helpful in designing of herbal formulation of acid-hydrolyzed fruit juice of Chikku for dissolving, at least partially ‘the urinary stones’. However, additional studies are still being needed to evaluate the role of juice of Chikku (Achras zapota) fruit in long-term preventive and therapeutic management of Urolithiasis.

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