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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 1

Experimental Studies of Ficus religiosa (L) latex for preventive and curative effect against cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity in wistar rats


The present study was designed to evaluate the possible potential, nephroprotective and nephrocurative role of 400mg/kg methanolic extract of Ficus religiosa L. latex was use to against cisplatin (5mg/kg, i.p.) induced nephrotoxicity . The experimental protocol designed as the animals were divided into four groups (n=6) like control, model control, curative and protective groups were received vehicle, cisplatin, cisplatin + extract, and extract + cisplatin respectively. After 6th days, blood collected from retro-orbital sinus of rats and determined urea and creatinine level in serum of each group after then rats were sacrificed for quantitative estimation of various enzymes and ATPases content in kidney tissue. A single dose of cisplatin induced increased urea & creatinine level in serum it was significantly recovered by 400mg/kg in curative and protective groups. The enzyme estimation in kidney tissue it found that increased malondialdehyde and decreased reduced glutathione (GSH). It was significantly monitored by 400mg/kg in curative and protective groups. The level of brush border enzymes like Na+ / K+ ATPase, Ca++ ATPase and Mg++ATPase were found significantly reduced after single dose cisplatin injection. It was overcome by treatment of same extract in curative and protective groups. Finally it is concluded that the present study data conformed nephrotoxicity induced by cisplatin due oxidative stress and methanolic extract of Ficus religiosa L. latex may have nephroprotective and curative activity.

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