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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 6

Evaluation of in vitro antioxidant potential of methanolic leaf and stem extracts of Solena amplexicaulis (Lam.) Gandhi


The antioxidant capability and total phenolic and flavonoid contents of methanol extract from leaves and stem of S.amplexicaulis (Lam.) Gandhi. were evaluated. Among the both extracts studied, leaf extract gave higher values of total phenolics (130.17µg GE/10mg), flavonoids (235.67µg QE/2mg), DPPH• Scavenging activity (92.51% at 250µg/ml), ABTS•+ radical scavenging activity (3223.11µmol TE/g) and reducing power assay (0.753 absorbance at 700µg/ml) followed by stem extract. However, ferrous iron chelating activity was well established in methanol extract of stem (42.28% at 5000µg/ml), than that of the leaf extract. Thus, the results obtained in the present study indicate that this plant has the potential as natural source of antioxidants, capable of protecting against free radical mediated damage and may have applications in preventing and curing various diseases.

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