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Original Articles: 2011 Vol: 3 Issue: 3

Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity on the leaves of Filicium decipiens in experimental animal models


The effects of Filicium decipiens (Family: Sapindaceae) leaf extracts on different models of acute inflammation were studied. Investigations were performed using different phlogistic agents-induced paw edema viz., Carrageenan-induced paw edema and Dextran- induced paw edema in rats. Various extracts (ethanol and aqueous) of Filicium decipiens leaves at a dose of 250 mg/kg and 500 mg/kg orally were tested. Diclofenac sodium at the dose of 10mg/kg was used as standard. Both the extracts showed significant activity (*p<0.05 & **p<0.01) compared with the control in carrageenan- induced rat paw edema model and where as ethanolic extract (500mg) showed a significant reduction (68.42%) in dextran - induced rat paw edema model. Thus it is revealed from the screening model that the ethanol and aqueous extract of this plant possesses acute anti-inflammatory activity.

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