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Original Articles: 2010 Vol: 2 Issue: 6

Estimation of chromium (VI) from industrial effluents- a solvent extraction study


Out of the two most stable forms of Chromium hexa v alent one considered as a serious health hazard and it has attracted attention as a pollutan t in natural waters. The sources of contamination of chromium in natural waters and in the Environment are from electroplating, tanning industries and waste solution from oxidativ e dyeing and leaching from sanitary land – fills, In view of this the separation and determi nation of chromium has been receiving considerable attention. Solvent extraction of Chro mium (VI) from phosphoric, acetic, oxalic and perchloric acid solutions with Tributyl amine (TBA) in chloroform has been studied. The optimum conditions for extraction were established from the study of the effect of several variables like concentration of extractant, metal i on, acidity, diluent etc. The extractions are nearly quantitative with acetic and oxalic acid & a re partial from phosphoric and perchloric acid systems. The extracted species are identified. An attempt has been made to determine chromium in natural as well as electroplating waste ts.