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Original Articles: 2018 Vol: 10 Issue: 12

Epitope Based Vaccine Strategy against Sea Anemone Toxins through in Silico Route


Sea anemone toxins block voltage gated sodium and potassium channel of human through paralyzing and promote inflammation and pain. Haemolysis and coronary artery diseases are also associated with these toxins. Usually treatment for this issue is taking oral pain killers and tropical antibiotics. Prognosis is generally favourable but some species are highly toxic and cause lethality. As there is no successful drug available, in this study, epitope prediction for vaccine development using computational tools may show the light for treatment. Thus Aller Hunter server was used to predict allergenicity of these toxins. Antibody and MHC molecule prediction was carried out by IEDB analysis resource server and docking simulation was carried out through Haddock 2.2 server. Amino acid interaction was made by Ligplot+ server. Results show that the efficient epitope sequences reveal greatest chance for eliciting cell mediated immunity in human body against sea anemone toxins. Predicted MHC peptides were docked with HLA molecules. Lower energy scores represent better binding between receptor and ligand. Mainly polar and charged amino acids are involved in these docking. So it is therefore concluded that designing of a vaccine by using these epitope may elicit cell mediated immunity against sea anemone toxins.

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