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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 7

Elimination of thorium ion by an adsorbent prepared from Moroccan oil shale of Timahdit activated by phosphoric acid


Attention has been focused recently on the producti on of adsorbents from Moroccan oil shale of by chem ical activation with phosphoric acid and its application in wastewaters treatment. The optimal conditions f or the preparation were searched and the tests of adsorpti on of uranium and thorium ions were affected. The b est product was obtained by used of the ratio of activated agen t/precursor equal 2 and activation of the mixture i n air at 300°C during two hours after prepocessing at 120°C in air . Under these conditions the maximal adsorption cap acity of methylene blue and specific area (S BET ) of the prepared adsorbent were 502 mg/g and 354 m 2 /g, respectively. A batch mode experiment was used to explore the perfo rmances of this adsorbent for the removal of the Th from aqueous solutions prepared from Th(NO 3 ) 4 .5H 2 O. The adsorption parameters for the radioelement i on were determined by application of the Langmuir, Freundli ch and Elovich models.