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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 7

Electrooxidation of cypermethrin pesticide: A Comparative Study of SnO2 and Boron Doped Diamond Anodes


Conventional wastewater treatment techniques are in efficient to manage large quantities of refractory organics discharged by specialty chemical industries. The a im of this work was to investigate the approaches t o reduce the negative impacts of cypermethrin on the environment . Specifically, two approaches to electrooxidize cy permethrin are compared. The first approach was based on the u se of SnO 2 anode. This electrode is a commercial grid of 1cm2 of SnO2. The second approach was based on the use o f Boron Doped Diamond (BDD) anode. The influence of several operating parameters, such as applied curre nt density, initial cypermethrin insecticide concen tration, temperature, and supporting electrolyte, was invest igated. GC and chemical oxygen demand measurements were conducted to study the reaction kinetics of pestici de mineralization. The results showed that the ra te of the electrooxidation increases with increasing current density and decreasing NaCl. The overall results in dicated that BDD electrode exhibited the best performance.