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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 5

Effects of salinity on nitrogen removal in high salinity wastewater treatment


Aiming at the influence to municipal sewage treatment in the utilization of seawater, effects of salinity on nitrogen removal were studied using A/O process. The experiment indicated that the salinity of 20g/L was the tolerance limit for the nitrogen removal of the system. The salinity within 10g/L had little effect on the removal efficiency of ammonia nitrogen. At 20g/L salinity, the removal rate still kept high value and above 80% after the sludge being domesticated. The treatment efficiency plunged and the ammonia nitrogen removal rate dropped to 50% under 25g/L salinity condition. The nitrification rate decreased with the increase of salinity and changed little at the salinity from 5 g/L to 15 g/L. Under the salinity above 20 g/L conditions, it decreased evidently. Otherwise, the proper salinity was beneficial to shortcut nitrification-denitrification. The shortcut nitrification-denitrification was realized at the salinity above 15 g/L. The nitrite-nitrification rate was 97% at 20 g/L salinity.