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Original Articles: 2018 Vol: 10 Issue: 7

Effect of Growth Regulator on Morpho-Physiological Attributes of Chilli: A Case Study


The present study was undertaken with F1 hybrid JUGNI-070 variety of chilli. This solanaceous vegetable was cultivated in order to observe the effect of four growth regulators viz; Indole-3-Acetic Acid, Gibberellic acid, Putrescine and Salicyclic acid of some parameters during kharif season of 2017-2018. The parameters are plant height, number of leaves, number of stem, number of fruits and average weight of the fruits. The field allotted was divided into ten ridges Rows 1-10. In R1-R2 was allocated as control, in R3-R4 IAA@ 1 ppm was sprayed and R5-R6 Salicyclic acid @ 1ppm was sprayed and R7-R8 Putrescine @ 1ppm was sprayed, R9-10 GA3 @1ppm was sprayed, all the plant growth regulators were sprayed once at 30 days after transplanting and the results were observed after 5th and 10th days of all rows. The data was collected from randomly selected plants of each rows and the mean data was calculated. The results obtained from each rows were compared. The results revealed showed significant improvement in overall growth and development of plant in R9 rows, where plant growth regulator GA3 was used as indicated by the increase in plant height, number of leaves and number of stems.Where as in R7-8 where Putrescine was sprayed there was no significant increase in overall growth and development of the plant only the number of bud formation was observed high i.e. whereas R5 & R6 where salicyclic was sprayed but there is no growth is observed, whereas R3-4 IAA were used in which it results the stem development is observed.