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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Effect of gamma irradiation on the antitumor activity of newly synthesized of copper (II) complexes of thiosemicarbazone derivatives


Cancer is undoubtedly one of the main health concerns facing our society and one of the primary targets regarding medicinal chemistry. Thiosemicarbazones and their metal complexes are compounds that possess antitumor, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. In this study, a series of copper complexes of 2- anilinophenyisothiocyanate semicarbazone has been prepared and phyico-chemical characterized by elemental analysis, infrared spectroscopy (IR), Electronic spectra, magnetic moment, molar conductance measurements and X-ray diffraction pattern. The IR data before and after γ- irradiation revealed that the ligand behaves as neutral, monobasic bidentate coordination of copper ion via the carbonyl group or enolic oxygen group, NH group and thiol sulphr atom group in complex B2. The molar conductance data revealed that the chelates are nonelectrolytes. From the spectra and magnetic moment data, the complexes were found to have square planar geometrical structures. The antitumor activities of these compounds were investigated against solid tumor induced in mice by injection of Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma (EAC) cell line. Results revealed that tested compounds significantly reduced the tumor size. Gamma-irradiated compounds showed potent antitumor activities when compared to that of non-irradiated compounds. In addition, tested compounds exhibited stimulatory effect on the level of catalase and superoxide dismutase activities and glutathione content in liver of tumor bearing mice, while the level of lipid peroxidation was significantly reduced. It is concluded that thiosemicarbazone complexes and lignad are considered as promising anticancer drugs candidate. Moreover, the γ-irradiation evokes the antitumor activity of the tested compounds.

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