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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 8

Effect of Flueggea Leucopyrus Leaf on Inflammatory Markers in Freund?¢????s Complete Adjuvant Induced Arthritic Rats


Many plant-derived compounds have been used as drugs, either in their original or semi-synthetic form. Plant secondary metabolites can also serve as drug precursors, drug prototypes and pharmacological probes. Due to these side-effects, there is need for the search of newer drugs with less or no side-effects. In the present study to investigate the anti-arthritic activity of Flueggea leucopyrus leaf on Freund’s Complete Adjuvant (FCA) induced arthritic rats. The arthritic markers as tumour necrosis factor (TNF-α), Interleukin (IL-6), Homocystine, Serum Cortisol, N-acetyl-β-glucosaminidase, β-glucuronidase, nitric oxide and Cathepsin – D were investigated. The current evidence from experimental studies demonstrate that supplementation of Flueggea leucopyrus leaf extract (FLLE) has potential anti- arthritic activity in Freund’s Complete Adjuvant (FCA) induced rats. Our study confirms that FLLE plays duel role by blocking inflammatory reaction. Over all, the experimental studies suggest that Flueggea robustra leaf extract (FLLE) possess anti-arthritic activity.

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