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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 3

Effect of coating ceramic membranes with TiO2 to the performance of electrolyte photovoltaic cell with KI/KI3 solution and carbon as electrode


The present study is to investigate the effect of ceramic membrane coating with titania (TiO2) againts the performance of photovoltaic cell using electrolyte solution KI/KI3 and carbon as an electrode under sunlight irradiation.The aim of titania coating by sol-gel method is in order to minimize pore size and simultaneously decreasing I2 diffusion. Effect of membrane coating was observed in correlation to the cell performance. Change in concentration after process was determined by using UV-Vis spectroscopy method. From the results of the current measurement and the stability determination of photovoltaic cell can be concluded that the membrane with five times coating repetition shown the best results compared to other membranes with Imax 296 μA. Otherwise the lowest absorbance will indicate that this membrane has the best performance in blocking iodine molecules from KI3 solution.

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