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Original Articles: 2012 Vol: 4 Issue: 3

Eco friendly modification of cotton using enzyme and chitosan for enhanced dyeability of curcuma longa


Modification of fabric improves dyeability but the discharge of toxic, non -biodegradable substances as effluent pollute the environment and it is becoming a serious concern for textile industries. In the current study enzymatic and chitosan modification were done on woven cotton fabric in order to enhance the dye ability and pollution load. Cellulase, an eco friendly biodegradable, non toxic and environmentally benign enzyme removes protruding fibers, fuzz on the surface of fabric by the process called bio polishing. It improves fabric hand feel and appearance and also dye uptake. Chitosan is a bio polymer present as chitin in crab shell was prepared and crosslinked with the fabric using citric acid and sodium hypophosphite at 110°C. Modifications are evidenced by morphology changes inferred from SEM analysis. FTIR studies confirmed the fixation of chitosan on fabric. Unmodified and modified fabrics are dyed with natural dye curcuma longa( turmeric) .Dye uptake and K/S values of dyed fabric were evaluated from UV-Visible and CCM analysis. Washing fastness was measured to compare the effectiveness of dyeing. The eco friendly modifiers enzyme and chitosan enhanced the dyeability and washing fastness of dyed fabric.