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Original Articles: 2019 Vol: 11 Issue: 7

DNA Binding, DNA Cleavage, BSA Binding, Antioxidant, Antibacterial Activity and Cytotoxicity Studies of Cu(II), Co(II) Complexes


A new air stable Copper(II) complexes [Cu(L) (C2O4) (H2O)] (A), [Cu(L) (A.A) (H2O)] (B), Cobalt(II) complexes [Co(L) (C2O4) (H2O)] (C) and [Co(L) (A.A) (H2O)] (D), L=2,6-bis(benzimidazole-2yl)pyridine (BZIMPY) has been synthesized from the condensation of the aqueous solution of copper, cobalt chloride salts with a hot alcoholic solution of the ligand L. The isolated complex has been deliberately characterized by elemental analysis, metal content determination, molar conductance, fast atom bombardment mass spectra, magnetic measurements, IR and electronic spectral studies. Elemental analyses and electronic spectral data suggest that the synthesized complexes have octahedral geometry. DNA binding ability was explored by different techniques which suggest that the complex bind to CT-DNA through intercalative mode and also studied the BSA binding studies. The DNA Cleavage ability of the complexes was evaluated with super coiled pBR322 DNA using gel electrophoresis. The antioxidant activity of the complexes was evaluated in vitro against DPPH radical using spectrophotometer. Furthermore, the complexes were screened for potential application, the antimicrobial activity against their effect on the growth of various strains of bacteria. Compounds were found to be significantly cytotoxic against human cancer cell lines HeLa.