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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 6

Discussing Different Class I HLA Phenotypes among Type II Diabetic Patients of Urmia Diabetes Centers


Diabetes is a type of metabolic disorder. This illness diminished the ability of the body for production of Insulin. Also sometimes the body’s resistance against Insulin is increased in a way that the produced amount of Insulin can no longer have its natural performance. The main role of Insulin is reduction of blood sugars through a variety of mechanisms. There are two main known types of diabetes. In type I diabetes, the destruction of Beta cells in pancreas results in a defect in Insulin production process. In Type II diabetes, the body gains increased resistance against Insulin which may also lead to complete destruction of Beta cells in pancreas. For the Type II, it is obvious that genetic factors, overweight and lack of activity are major contributors in occurrence of diabetes. Type II diabetes includes a strong genetic context. The present study is a descriptive-analytic study and is also a review research. A number of 52 type II diabetic patients were selected as the sample group and also 75 individuals were assigned to control group. Discussing the abundance of various class I HLA phenotypes and comparisons between the sample and control groups indicated that there were no significant differences between the control and sample groups in terms of HLA CW (P= 0.030); HLA B35 (P=0.006) and HLA B22 (P= 0.025).

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